Privacy Policy

Our Apps do not collect any user information.  We do not collect your name, address, email, phone, or any other information which is yours and yours alone to do with as you please.


No advertising is included, no analytics, and no back doors to anything or anyone are included in our apps.  We only sell games that are fun to play, entertaining and enjoyable and do not have any wish to have any of your data, period.

High Scores

Game Center high scores are handled by Apple, Inc. and we do not collect any information from these high scores.  You are free to save or not save to Game Center.  Local scores are saved only to your device once are not provided to us at any time.

Email Newsletter

If you sign up for our newsletter on our website, our newsletter system collects name and email addresses only which are provided by you at you own discretion.  Said names and email addresses are not sold, given, or provided by us to any third-party for any reason whatsoever.


All support emails are handled by our servers and our staff.  We do not provide this information to any third party.  All support issues are handled in-house by us.


Questions concerning this policy and our games can be sent via our Contact page at