Available Now for iOS!

We have a game that will delight folks who love retro games, blocks and  pressing buttons!  STRUCTRIS for iPhones and iPads has touch controls, Game Center, and background music by neo-classical composer Tomoki Takamori.

While STRUCTRIS does involve blocks, no blockheads were involved in its creation – at least that’s what the designers tell themselves.

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Structris Title

Synopsis:  The Evil Programmer has been relegated to the great void for his dastardly deeds.  Now he has set his sights on You, launching blocks in an attempt at trapping and crushing you.  Your task is to avoid them and survive the onslaught. Work your way through the levels of mayhem and live to go on to the next level.


Move horizontally and vertically to avoid blocks, while simultaneously using your movements to guide the falling blocks into the empty spaces, with the goal being to complete a solid row. The completed rows fall away, giving you more space to roam.

Game3Once you clear the specified number of rows for a particular level, the blocks will all fall away. As you progress through the levels, the game space decreases and the speed increases, as does your torment.


Remember, you have but one life – use it well.


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